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Engage in high-quality learning courses where NAU will challenge you to be ambitious for your learning and to develop your professional skills. 

The links below will guide you through the range of opportunities available to you on NAU - be ambitious and choose an online course which will stretch you and help you to step outside of your comfort zone.


Find courses, resources and discussions for our Chinese Bilingual schools.

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Core Courses

These courses are the core of learning in NAU and may be required by your school or department.

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Leadership Programmes

Our courses for Middle Leaders and Senior Leaders will develop your career and skills.

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Masters Programme

Find information about our Masters in International Education with King's College London.

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Tutored Courses

These courses all led by a tutor and designed to share best practice within our organisation.

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Self Study Courses

These courses are available at anytime for you to develop your skills and knowledge.

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Workplace skills

Find courses which will develop your workplace and interpersonal skills.

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